Container Hire in Waitakere West Auckland

Cheap Container Hire in Waitakere

West Auckland now has its own shipping container hire facility with Hardcase Container Hire Ltd centred in Henderson. We have quality, affordable shipping containers available for hire, delivered to your site or for storage at our Henderson yard. Hardcase services Henderson, Massey, New Lynn, Waitakere and all of West Auckland, as well as the North Shore, Rodney and central Auckland.

Hardcase Container Hire Ltd has its own Hiab crane truck to enable prompt deliveries and pick-ups, reliability and quality, as well as cheaper transport prices. We also offer truck and crane hire services to individuals and businesses who require a Hiab or truck for transport.




Offsite Container Hire

Container hire at your site is easy. Hire an 8ft, 10ft or 20ft general purpose shipping container to suit your needs and we will deliver it to your home, building site, work, farm, church, school – pretty well anywhere – to provide you with a fast, secure, weatherproof and vermin proof storage solution.

Hire for 1 week? 1 month? 1 year? longer? No problem, keep it as long as you require. There are no time constraints. Our containers are fully lockable and secure. Use your own padlock to ensure that only you have access to your container. For additional security, we offer containers with a lockbox attached to better protect your container from malicious break in.


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Container Racking

Hardcase also has racking available for your container.

  • Strong and sturdy – each shelf can carry 150Kg
  • Portable—can be moved
  • Adjustable shelving heights
  • Enables effective packing and space optimization.
  • 4 shelf stations
  • Economical at $50+GST/mth hire for 4 stations
  • Enquire now and order racking today with your container hire.



Dry Pole

Dry Pole Desiccants

Dry Pole Desiccants are designed to trap and reduce moisture in shipping containers, creating a protective environment of dry air. These dry poles have a long life and are powerful, absorbing 200% of their weight in moisture. Easy to use, leak proof and non-toxic. Hang them from the ceiling or along the walls, they occupy minimal space.

Designed to protect your contents, they aim to prevent container condensation and avoid moisture damage, including mould, mildew, rust, corrosion and oxidation. Suitable for everything from fabrics, textiles and leather to electronics and machinery stored inside a container.

To maximise the life of your desiccant, cover container vents and try to keep your container airtight by keeping doors closed as much as possible. When you do go in, check the desiccant to make sure it still has absorbency.

PRICE: $45.00 (including GST. Shipping is additional)



Storage at our Depot

Storage at our Depot

Hardcase Container Hire has a depot in Henderson suitable and available for you to store your container full of merchandise or furniture in a secure and weather free position.

This storage may be temporary until your next residence is ready, or it could last longer – as your circumstances demand. Our monthly rate of $250 incl GST is quite affordable.

Our fully fenced Henderson depot is manned regularly. The opening hours are 7.30 to 5.00pm, Mon-Fri as well as Saturday mornings until 12pm. The gates are otherwise locked and monitored.

Either bring your contents to our yard and load them into your allocated container or we can collect your loaded container (so long as it weighs less than 6 tonne – approximately the contents of a 3-bedroom house). Store your container at our yard for as long as you need, there are no time restraints. When your hire is finished, collect your contents or we can deliver the loaded container to your next preferred address in Auckland or anywhere in the North Island.




Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does a container cost to hire?

To hire a container on your site costs $27.50 + GST per week. Transport costs to deliver to your site and return it back to our yard are additional. See Question 2.


2. How much does the transport cost?

Delivery from our Henderson yard to anywhere in west Auckland, on the north shore or in central city starts at (sometimes less than) $240+GST if there are no delivery issues. Further afield costs $120+GST per hour from our yard. We have transported containers to Kerikeri, Kaitaia, Dargaville, and Hastings. Containers were designed to be easily transportable.

We have a container delivery truck with a Hiab crane that can deliver empty and loaded containers (within weight limit). It is self-loading. With the crane, we have the advantage of placing containers in some difficult positions, unlike a ‘swing-lift’ truck which are quite limited as to placement. Need to position the container over a fence or in a tight spot? Our Hiab truck provides excellent manoeuvrability and accurate positioning and our operators are highly trained and safety conscious with many years of experience. Each delivery is different, so talk to our team about how we can best help you.

3. Are containers safe for storing our furniture?

Yes! But… beware of condensation! Our containers are made of steel and are all weather tight – safe from the elements – but condensation can occur on cold winter mornings or when damp material is stored inside. Solutions are simple. An hour with a dehumidifier will fix condensation. Storing dry material will minimise condensation. Opening the doors to ventilate on warm dry afternoons will minimise condensation, and covering delicate furniture with a waterproof cover will safeguard them.

We also have Dry Pole Desiccants available for purchase. Dry Pole Desiccants are powerful (non-toxic) packs that absorb up to 200% of their weight in moisture, creating a protective environment of dry air inside your container to protect your valuable goods. These are available for $45 incl GST.


4.  Is there a minimum or maximum time to hire a container?

The minimum hire value is $110+GST (one month hire cost), although the container can be off-hired and returned earlier than one month. There is no maximum hire period. We will not require the container hire to be terminated unless your payments fail. You can rest assured of having your container for as long as you want. When you inform us that you are finished we will take it back.


5. What range of containers are available?

We have mountainous stacks of 20 foot (6 meter) containers. A 20ft will roughly fit the contents of a 3-bedroom house inside. We also have 10 foot (3 meter) containers, which are very popular. A 10ft container will roughly fit the contents of a 1-bedroom house inside.

We have no 40 foot containers.


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Moving? Use a container to shift!

Get a container delivered to your home and load it over a week or so. Then we will shift it to our secure storage yard (or a facility of your choice). Then we will transport it to your next home anywhere in the North Island. Easy.

Transport comes in three parts;-

1) Delivery to your home in Auckland,

2) Then transport the loaded container to our storage yard for as long as necessary, or yours, (or straight your next home).

3) Then transport the container to your next place anywhere in the North Island, and empty it in 2 hours, and we  return it to our yard.

Each delivery cost depends on distance and can be quoted for but not predetermined from here. Also, a weight limit of 7 tonne for the loaded container allows our own truck to deliver. This is about the same as a three-bedroom house full of furniture. Heavier loads can be transported by bigger trucks at greater cost. Destinations are not limited. We can deliver locally in Auckland or anywhere in the North Island. Click here for a quote- details required.


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