Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does container hire cost?

Standard container hire on your site costs $5.60 + GST per day or $170 + GST per month. Premium container hire on your site costs $6.30 + GST per day or $190 + GST per month. Transport costs to deliver to your site and return it back to our yard are additional. See Question 2.


2. How much does the transport cost?

Delivery from our Henderson yard to anywhere in west Auckland, on the north shore or in central city starts at (sometimes less than) $360+GST if there are no delivery issues. Further afield costs $160+GST per hour from our yard. We have transported containers to Kerikeri, Kaitaia, Dargaville, and Hastings. Containers were designed to be easily transportable.

We have a container delivery truck with a Hiab crane that can deliver empty and loaded containers (within weight limit). It is self-loading. With the crane, we have the advantage of placing containers in some difficult positions, unlike a ‘swing-lift’ truck which are quite limited as to placement. Need to position the container over a fence or in a tight spot? Our Hiab truck provides excellent maneuverability and accurate positioning, and our operators are highly trained and safety conscious with many years of experience. Each delivery is different, so talk to our team about how we can best help you.

3. Are containers safe for storing our furniture?

Yes! But… beware of condensation! Our containers are made of steel and are all weather tight – safe from the elements – but condensation can occur on cold winter mornings or when damp material is stored inside. Solutions are simple. An hour with a dehumidifier will fix condensation. Storing dry material will minimise condensation. Opening the doors to ventilate on warm dry afternoons will minimise condensation, and covering delicate furniture with a waterproof cover will safeguard them.

We also have Dry Pole Desiccants available for purchase. Dry Pole Desiccants are powerful (non-toxic) packs that absorb up to 200% of their weight in moisture, creating a protective environment of dry air inside your container to protect your valuable goods. These are available for $50 +GST.


4.  Is there a minimum or maximum time for container hire?

The minimum hire value is $170+GST (one month hire cost), although the container can be off-hired and returned earlier than one month. There is no maximum hire period. We will not require the container hire to be terminated unless your payments fail. You can rest assured of having your container for as long as you want. When you inform us that you are finished we will take it back.


5. What range of containers are available?

We have mountainous stacks of 20 foot (6 meter) containers. A 20ft will roughly fit the contents of a 3-bedroom house inside. We also have 10 foot (3 meter) containers, which are very popular. A 10ft container will roughly fit the contents of a 1-bedroom house inside.

We have no 40 foot containers.