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How to pack your shipping container for transport

There’s an art to packing a shipping container to ensure that your contents arrive safe and sound. Follow these tips for easy and effective packing. Heavy things go first Fridges and furniture or heavy equipment should be put in first at the bottom of the container. This way your delicate items don’t get smashed by [...]

Buying a Shipping Container

Before purchasing a used shipping container, it is important to assess it for structural integrity to ensure that it is both safe and likely to last. While some issues are purely cosmetic and not to be concerned about, others may compromise the structure itself. It is essential to know the difference before you buy. We [...]

Container Condensation

When you’re storing valuable goods inside a shipping container, you want to rest assured that they are safe and sound from damage and deterioration caused by condensation. Unfortunately, condensation is a fact of life with shipping containers as every container contains moisture, no matter their size or quality, because of moisture in the air. The [...]

6 Great Storage Uses for Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are building momentum as an  effective storage solution, not just for long distance ocean or rail transport, but for homes, building sites and businesses. These huge boxes, made from heavy steel, are built to withstand harsh conditions and are built to last. They are secure and strong superstructures, and best of all, they’re [...]